For the Doers who dream big and live life on their own terms, for the founders with a mission behind the brand, we’re here to help you tell your story in a creative and authentic way.

Red Skirt Media, LLC is a video production company focused on helping Female Founders stand out in the crowd.

We value authenticity and social entrepreneurship. We believe that we can be in business not only for profit, but also to serve and empower others. We use our creativity to get the best out of you, your story, and your brand, to create visuals that inspire connection and build community.

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Our Mission

Empower women to be free, grow their business, and live life on their own terms. Simple like that. That’s our mission. We’re also on this journey looking to give back, so we do partner with nonprofits to help them tell their story and share their mission.

Our Core Values

Freedom, Authenticity, Passion, Connection.


Meet The Red Skirt Girl

“I’m a create-a-holic.
And when I realized that, I embraced the content creator in me, gathered my passion for video and business and added the desire to see women succeed to start something new and different.

I’m a 30 something that sees possibilities everywhere, for everyone. Including myself. I’m a Brazilian expat who came to America in 2014, because I saw the possibilities (and adventures) this country could lead me to. I wasn’t wrong. And with all the challenges that restarting a life brings, it’s been a fun and scary ride of growth, both personally and professionally. To make it even more interesting, I decided to become a filmmaker, close my coaching practice, take the risk and start Red Skirt Media, LLC. I can’t wait to see all the possibilities for the founders I’ll meet.
Izabelle Azevedo (Founder & CCO)