The Journey of Starting a Business | Red Skirt Media Video Production for Female Founders

The Journey of Starting a Business | Red Skirt Media Video Production for Female Founders

“This is the best idea for a business you’ve ever had.” 

It didn’t feel like a compliment, but I took it as it was. I had many business ideas in the past 4 years. I even pursued a few of them. But Red Skirt Media seemed special. And harder to get up and running. But let’s go back a little bit, and let me introduce myself properly. 

I’m Izabelle Azevedo, the founder, creative and everything else at Red Skirt Media (at least for now). I’m not from here. I was born and raised in Brazil, where I actually started my entrepreneurial journey (just not officially). As a creative coming from a low income family, I found my way to make some money to buy myself cool stuff even before I was in high school. I started making and selling jewelry, at some point I sold catalogs, handmade purses, and even desserts. I was savvy, I guess.

But it wasn’t until I was in America, after leaving my friends, job and diploma behind, that the idea of becoming a real business woman came to mind. In May 2015, I saw myself going two directions: either I could start my own thing, or I’d be working as a nanny for the rest of my life. Even though I love kids, babysitting wasn’t really the future I dreamed of. So what the hell could I do, without a certification nor money (I mean, is $200 enough)?

My coaching talent (that I didn’t know I had then) came handy when I sat down and made a list of possible businesses I could start. From event planning to housecleaning to social media management to petsitting to professional organizing. I needed something I’d be interested in, that I had the skills (obviously), didn’t need certifications, wasn’t complicated, and didn’t need much money (again, 200 bucks is what I had). So I chose Professional Organizing.

My fascination for entrepreneurship and marketing started there. I was obsessed with everything I was learning, and proud of how I was building confidence every single day. Putting yourself out there ain’t easy, especially when your English isn’t that good (far from what it is today). But I was committed to the idea of making “Neat-a-Holic Solutions” work. And it did (still does). It didn’t pick up right away, but within 6 months I was making good money, and able to quit my nanny jobs. That was amazing! Plus, I got that business up and running in less than 90 days, a little detail I shouldn’t forget to say… 

People started asking me how I did it. I had a blog and YouTube channel in Portuguese, and I loved giving information through content creation. So I had a new idea for a business: help people see and go for their possibilities. My husband, who said the quote I started this post with, told me “What you want to do already exists, it’s called coaching.” Mind blowing. There’s a whole industry helping people figure stuff out. I’m in.

I got certified and started coaching by the end of 2016. Many websites later (thank God I make them all myself), I ended up focusing on Brazilians and Lifestyle Design with Sua Vida Desenhada. But coaching is a tough industry. There’s no way you can make it without showing credibility. So I gained momentum (and clients) through content. Also, through sharing my story, being vulnerable and authentic. I was definitely standing out, growing my audience, building a fan base. And most important, I was changing lives. Until mine started going a different direction.

As much as I love coaching, having the business while going through mental health challenges wasn’t sustainable anymore. Admitting that was hard. But having to start yet a new career path, at 31, was ever harder to accept. But everything happens for a reason. If it wasn’t because of that, I’d probably never give myself permission to try this as a business.

Creating content was always something I enjoyed. From designing to writing. Thinking of every single detail. Doesn’t matter if I was working with a digital magazine, creating a whole marketing campagne, or posting on Instagram and doing videos for fun. I excel at creating media. I’m constantly having new ideas. Why not work with it? 

It’s not like I never thought about it. I applied to study Communications (Radio and TV) when I was 18. I also grew up watching MTV and thinking of how I’d do those music videos if I was the brain behind it. And this idea came back, and stayed silent in the back of my mind. Today I see the three sources of inspiration: the Dream, Girl documentary and Erin Bagwell (the director), a video from a brigadeiro (Brazilian sweet) company, TinyB, and a coaching client of mine who was trying to get into the hollywood industry (and is actually now studying to be a coach).

When I found myself lost personally and professionally, there was a voice whispering, and that voice was telling me to start a media company. I couldn’t hear it clearly, so the universe sent its message through my husband one night. That Sep/Oct last year. Since then, I’ve been working on this new business idea. I stopped coaching completely, borrowed money to buy equipment, and started practicing my skills and calling myself a filmmaker (even though I’m actually a content creator). 

One business took me to other. That’s how life is, I guess. One thing leading to the next. I’m not sure if I’ll be with Red Skirt Media forever, but I can definitely see myself doing this for a while-- creating content, using my creativity to tell stories that connect. And especially with Red Skirt Media, I want to be working with other female founders, to help them gain momentum and connect with their audience through content. Sharing their stories, their mission, their values. 

Who Are We, What Are We Up To | Red Skirt Media Video Production Company For Female Founders

Who Are We, What Are We Up To | Red Skirt Media Video Production Company For Female Founders